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The cheetah print photo backdrop features a watercolor cheetah print spots in brown and black.

We offer three material options for our backdrops. Stretch, Fleece and vinyl.


The stretch Fabric Is our newest fabric. It is a thicker polyester stretch fabric that has minimal stretches in all 4 directions. It is a thick durable material, and comes with a pocket rod hole on the long end. It is even more wrinkle resistant than our fleece fabric, and has bold bright colors on a smooth texture. Our stretch fabric can be pulled tight and is GUARANTEED glare free. To clean the stretch fabric, wash on cold water, and hang to dry.

The fleece fabric is our most popular option. It ships in 1-2 weeks and comes folded. The fold lines usually flatten out once laid flat. If they don’t you can place the backdrop in the dryer on a low heat setting, and they should come out in just a few minutes. Storing them is easy as well, as they can just be folded and placed on a shelf. Our fleece fabric is GUARANTEED glare free, and is also wrinkle free! The fleece material is our most popular option because along with being glare free, the colors are vibrant and bold. To clean the fleece, wash on cold water, and hang to dry.

The vinyl material is tear resistant, water resistant, and is mostly glare free. Some of the darker colors may have a slight sheen to them, but can be avoided with feathering your light source. This durable vinyl material is great for cake smashes, because you can just clean with a wet cloth afterwards.  The vinyl comes shipped with 1- 1.5 weeks and comes rolled in a cardboard triangle tube. Vinyl stores best if it is rolled back up neatly, and stored vertically on the end instead of laying flat. So keep the cardboard and store the rolled backdrop in the cardboard!  To clean vinyl, use luke warm water and a washcloth to wipe clean. Be careful not to scrub too hard, or use hard chemicals or cleaners.

All backdrop designs are offered in Fleece or stretch material, and only the floor drops are offered in vinyl.

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5' X 6.5' Fleece Fabric, 5' x 6.5' Stretch Fabric, 6' X 8' Fleece Fabric, 6' x 8' stretch Fabric, 8' X 10' Fleece Fabric, 8' x 10' Stretch Fabric


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