Wonderland Combined Floordrop and Backdrop

$295.00 $



This backdrop features a whimsical wonderland theme with unique renditions of the Cheshire cat and white rabbit among mushrooms and lush gardens.

Our backdrops are made of a high quality matte vinyl , or fleece fabric. The vinyl  is tear resistant, water resistant, and glare free. This durable material is great for cake smashes because you can just clean with a wet cloth afterwards. This particular drop is a combined backdrop and floor drop combination and is all one piece.

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10' X 10' Fleece Fabric, 2.5' X 2.5' Vinyl Product Flat, 5' X 5' Matte Vinyl, 5' X 6.5' Fleece Fabric, 6' X 8' Fleece Fabric, 6' x 8' Matte Vinyl, 8' X 10' Fleece Fabric, 8' X 13' Matte Vinyl


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